Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Errata

On page 133 in the discussion, it says, “Here, the conditional expression is my_age < 17." That should say, "my_age > 17″.

Chapter 9 Notes

This chapter has quite a bit of content, and you may consider taking it twice as slowly as other chapters. You might be able to break it up like the following:

1) Start – 9.2 (Syntax and Assignment Statements)
2) 9.3.1 (Conditional statements)
3) 9.3.2 (Looping statements)
4) 9.3.3 (The For statement)

Depending on how fast you want to go and how quick your students catch on. I do this module over two weeks (one session per week), and I do #1 and #2 above on the first week and #3 and #4 on the second week.